About Me:

My name is Dexyss or Vie. I've been learning HTML since 2019 and I made my first site in 2020! My site's presentation is inspired by the song "I Saw An Angel" :]

Currently, I'm an art student and I live in Greece.I mostly spend my time playing video games,coding,reading and sleeping

Other hobbies I have are singing,learning about space and making music.



Pets:1 dog and 1 cat


Orientation:Asexual and Aromantic


Foods:Fried Eggplants my beloved

Things I like

Music:The Garden,beabadoobe,Mac DeMarco,Puzzle,Steve Lacy,Korn,Pierce The Veil,Paramore,Enjoy,Fiona Apple,Lin Pesto,Lamp,yeule,The Velvet Underground,Lou Reed,MF Doom,A Tribe Called Quest,Skiadareses,Yukika,glaive,Machine Girl

Anime/Manga:Hunter x Hunter,Berserk,Nana,Demon Slayer,Jojo's Bizzare Adventure,Jujutsu Kaisen,Bleach,Tokyo Ghoul,Cowboy Bebop,Black Lagoon,Naruto

Movies:Princess Mononoke,Spiderman:Into The Spider-Verse,Kiki's Delivery Service,The Shining,What We Do In The Shadows

Shows:Community,Our Flag Means Death, Arcane,Molang,What We Do In The Shadows,The Owl House,Skins,Avatar:The Last Airbender,The Umbrella Academy,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles